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In today's vast world of digital phenomena and lack of time, both buyers and sellers are attracted to better solutions to help close deals quicker. Buyers do not want to waste time viewing a house that they will not be interested in, while sellers and agents would rather accommodate prosperous viewings. The process of buying a home is rather challenging, however, the advanced techniques and the latest digital trends make it much easier. As a potential buyer, here are some tips on how to buy property in the digital age without wasting resources:

HD images
High definition images give you, the buyer, a better perception of what a particular home looks like. Let's say that the house in question was advertised as "2 bedroom house with large pool area". Having complementing imagery would give you an idea of how big the rooms are, what size the windows are, and even what the bathroom looks like. You can also start imagining what your furniture would look like in that house. If the images are dull and blur, automatically the house will not appeal to you. Perhaps you think that the kitchen is outdated and the particular house would definitely not be on your list to view. You will save time by picking potential homes based on the images the seller or agent advertises.

Mobile access
For most people, their world revolves around their smartphone. From social media applications to search engines, people grab their smartphones when they need to know something and anything. Property websites are responsive for mobile use which makes it easier for you to browse for prospective homes. Buyers are also re-marketed to on social media and gaming applications which never lets you forget that you are looking for a new property. Emails are conveniently accessible via a smartphone which makes requesting an agent's assistance easier rather than waiting for the morning to make a call.

Video showcase
Videos are revolutionising the way we view the property market. If done correctly, videos provide a true-to-life sense of what property has to offer. You can be 'sold' just by looking at a video walk-through of a home. Also, with the aid of mobile applications, buyers can have live instant footage of a property. With the use of drone photography, you also have the privilege of viewing aerial footage of the property you are interested in. Drone videos and photography are popular with commercial properties and have also intrigued residential buyers. Slideshows (images in a video) are also common but are outdated due to live broadcasts and specialised video options being highly demanded by buyers.

Virtual tours
According to, "Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014 for 'Virtual Reality's real estate potential'. Virtual reality is an interactive experience which takes place within a simulated environment. Buyers can look at properties through a head-mounted display with 360-degree views while at the real estate agent's office, and then pick the top ones to visit in person. Buyers are able to perceive what life in a certain home can be like and even allows interaction within a virtual environment to experience different amenities, designs and layouts. Virtual tours have increased buyer and agent engagements and optimised the viewing process while saving both buyers and agents immense time and money. Virtual reality is claimed to become a $29.7 billion dollar industry in 2020, with real estate contributing to a substantial amount of influence.

Buying a home in the digital era has become a breeze. Contact Hermanus Property Sales today to secure your next home, timeously and efficiently.

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