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"New year, new me!" With 2019 in full swing, many homeowners are driven by the urge to get their homes more organized and up to date with the latest décor trends. Nerina Heyns, Principal at Hermanus Property Sales Onrus/Sandbaai shares her top home organizing tips for 2019.

What should new and existing homeowners consider when it comes to organizing a home in 2019? 
Organizing your home is a great idea, especially as it signifies a fresh new start for the new year. Firstly you should spot your problem areas and visualise what you want it to look like. Get ideas from décor magazines, online articles, and social media. Then set a goal for when you want to be completed. Setting goals for smaller tasks also helps with achieving the bigger goal.

So you have a vision for the New Year, how do you suggest homeowners get started with organizing their home? 
Declutter. Not only will you make your home more liveable, but research shows that by decluttering and organizing your surroundings, one also declutters and organizes your mind, and who doesn't want that?

Do you have any tips on organizing small spaces? 
One tends to think that a lot of small things should be put into small spaces, but sometimes one large piece of furniture (and only one) is more effective. For example, a comfortable couch against the wall will work better than a small couch and more small chairs. One could add ottomans that could double as side tables and extra seating when needed.

Do you have any tips on organizing large spaces?  
Make use of carpets to define areas. This will make them seem more cozy and bring the spaces together. Less is more, even in large spaces.

Any simple daily tips for organizing your home?  
Simple rules to live by in every home should be: if you use it, put it away again and everything should have its place. This will ensure that no unnecessary items are all over the house. Cleaning your home on a regular basis is a must which helps to keep your home organized. Easier said than done, though!

What are the latest trends for gardens in Hermanus?
People in Hermanus go for smaller, more water-wise gardens, as a result of the water scarcity in the province. Lovely stones, paving, indigenous trees, and fynbos are incorporated to create a soothing space, yet needs the minimum water.

How do homeowners in Hermanus organize their garages? 
Extra cupboard space and shelves seems to be the norm in Hermanus. Also, do not hoard stuff in your garage. Donate them if you have no use for them any longer as they will just take up space. 

The kids rooms are always a mess, how would you advise parents to organise their kids rooms? 
Colourful bins/crates and even large plastic containers can be used as part of the décor as well as tidying up toys after they are played with. Kids could be taught from a small age to pick up their things and store it in their room, in their own containers or baskets. In that way it is still within reach, but mom or dad does not trip over strewn toys on the floor.

Running out of space and just cannot live in a small house much longer? Contact us at Hermanus Property Sales to view your next property today. Our skilled agents will assist you in finding the best home designed to meet your organization goals for 2019.

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