New to the area? Here's how you keep your Hermanus home safe

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According to, 869 cases for burglary at residential premises in Hermanus was reported in 2018, a decrease from 2017's 916 reported cases. Although the figures have slightly decreased, homeowners need to be alert and take safety measures to protect themselves and their homes. Here's how you keep your Hermanus home safe:

Change the locks
Once you have got the keys to your new beautiful Hermanus abode, it is wise to change all the locks in the home, including sliding doors and windows. Remember to re-program electrical gates and garage doors as well. While the old homeowner may not be a threat, it is unknown as to who else has access to your new home. This should all be done before you move in. Think like a criminal and identify any possible entry to your new home.

Get to know the neighbours
It is always a great idea to get to know your neighbours. Introduce yourself to your immediate neighbours and become friendly with the people around you. Knowing the neighbour can prove to be an asset. For instance, if you plan to go away for the weekend, alert a trusted neighbour who will keep an eye out for strange occurrences and unwanted guests at your premises. Should they suspect something fishy they can immediately call the cops and alert you. If your neighbours do not know you they will not suspect foul play if strangers are in your yard.

Brighten up your home
Check the lighting inside the home and outside before you move in. Ensure that there are no dark or blind spots where criminals can hide undetected. Leaving a light on when you are away at night gives criminals the illusion that someone is at home. This can discourage them from breaking in. Also, consider investing in indoor and outdoor lights with timers or motion detectors as well.

Tighten up your security
It is advisable to do your research on the local security companies and choose the best one to protect your home. These days most companies use state-of-the-art security systems from beams to CCTV. Another strategy to protecting your home includes displaying signs around your home that say you have a security alarm. This is often given to you by the security company.

Be wise on social media
While you want to show off your home to your social media friends, it is advisable to select who you show what to. Do not post or advertise that you are away on holiday as criminals can target you based on this. Aim to post pictures from your holiday after the trip rather than in real time. Also, refrain from tagging your home's location on social media as criminals can follow the map to your home and break-in while you are at work.

Keep the thieves away
A great way to fool criminals is to act as if someone is home when you are going out. Wave back at your home and pretend as if you are talking to someone that is at home. Ensure that your yard is neat and tidy without hiding spots for criminals, like an open shed or big bushes. Pet dogs also tend to scare off intruders, so consider adopting a furry friend from your local SPCA.

Moving into a new home can be very exciting, however, your family's safety should not be forgotten. Knowing the ins and outs for securing your new home is crucial as it can prevent you from being a target in crime. Contact Hermanus Property Sales for expert property advice.

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