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Whether you have just moved into your new Hermanus home or you have been in the same humble abode house for many years, the toxins present in your home can be harmful to both your family as well as your home. These are some great and simple ways to make you Hermanus home less toxic:

Remove your shoes
You will be surprised as to how much toxic things can come into your home via your shoes. Lead, pesticides, fertilizers, allergens, as well as dirt,  can be carried by your shoes into your home. Make it a habit to take your shoes off at the door to keep your unhealthy toxins from being spread around your home. On the plus side, your home will even be cleaner. 

Let the fresh air in
The accumulated air in your home is stale and unhealthy due to the vapours and fumes in everything from furniture and carpets to perfumes and cleaning products. Open up as many windows and doors as possible at least once a day and allow in as much fresh air as your home can take. The trick to letting in the fresh air and letting out the old unhealthy air is to try and open windows and doors on opposite sides of the house to get air moving up, down and all around.  

Avoid microwaving plastic
Did you know that heat actually causes chemicals to leach out of plastic and into food and beverages? Image the toxins in your food. Even if the label reads as microwave-safe, avoid heating your foods in plastics as they are not as safe as it seems. It is, however, safe to reheat your food in a safe glass plate or bowl. Using the stove also avoids toxins from attacking your food. 

Say no to toxic air freshening products
Scented air freshening products such as can sprays, plug-ins, and candles are harmful to your home. The chemical fragrance components and other toxic ingredients mix with the fresh air and pollute your home. You can avoid the toxins by using natural essential oil diffusers or perhaps naturally scented beeswax candles. Add to the naturalism of your home by using non-toxic cleaning sprays as well.

Rethink your paint choices
Freshly painted walls can go on and pollute your home with their fumes and chemicals long after they have dried up. In some cases, paints that are labelled as ozone-friendly or natural still give off toxins and just have lower levels of harmful chemicals. Do your research on the best non-toxic paints available in your area before you commit to a harmful one.

Reduce the dust in your home
Indoor dust contains chemicals like lead, pesticides and flame retardants from a wide variety of harmful products used in your homemaking dusty spots a breading zone for toxins and bacteria that are linked to serious health problems. The best way to reduce the dust and make your home a less toxic is to frequently clean by dusting, mopping and vacuum each room. 

Make your own cleaning detergents
Have you ever considered how much cheaper and less toxic it would be to your home if you made your own cleaning products? There are tons of methods but probably one of the more easiest involves soap, baking soda and vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with hot water, add a ¼ cup of white vinegar, and 2 tbsp of eco-friendly washing-up liquid. Using your own mix of cleaning products will ensure that your home is less toxic. 

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