Keep Your Property’s Value By Keeping it Maintained

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Usually, when you buy a home, you plan on staying in for a while, or until you have paid of your bond and the value of the property has appreciated enough so that you can make a profit once you sell. But what happens if your property loses its worth over time? Is there anything that you can do to prevent this from happening?

The answer is yes. In order to keep your property from depreciating proper home care and maintenance is vital.

If you keep your home in tip-top shape you can help to ensure that your property, at very least, maintains its value if not increase it. By regularly maintaining the small upkeep jobs around the house, you can save money and potentially avoid having to perform massive construction tasks down the line.

Here is a look at our top maintenance tips for preserving the value of your home. 

The Pipes

Plumbing forms part of your home's bones and is one of the most important structural features of a property. Not only can this type of issue bring on mould and other unwanted problems, but it can also rapidly diminish the value of your property. However, by seeing to the minor plumbing problems like pesky leaks and outdated pipes you can prevent long-term damages from occurring.

Outward Appearance 

The condition of your exterior walls will leave a lasting impression on possible buyers or investors. If there are cracks, flaking paint or dirt marks covering the walls of your home - it will make your property look untidy, unwelcoming and dilapidated. This can be solved by a lick of paint or a deep, high-pressure clean. It should be noted that not all walls need repairs, and by cleaning it you can save yourself from problems or effort down the line. 

External Fixtures

As these fixtures form part of the facade of your home it is important to keep them looking well-taken care of. These features include your gutters, that can easily start looking drab and effectively chase buyers away. To avoid repelling possible investors, keep them clean and looking like new.

Keep at It 

If small issues accumulate they could result in a mammoth task that could cost you thousands in repairs and even more in your home’s value.  As soon as an issue arises or something breaks, make sure that you fix it. A great tip is to create a maintenance checklist or keep a record of everything that needs to be done. This will help you keep on top of things and make your maintenance manageable.
Don’t Just Maintain - Improve 

There are also many additional things you can do to improve the condition and the value of your home. 

These include:

  • Giving your house some more curb appeal.
  • Deep cleaning and decluttering various rooms.
  • Allow for more natural light to enter your home.
  • Keep your walls in a neutral colour. 
  • Make sure that your home smells fresh at all times.
  • Install some ‘Green’ or sustainable features. 
  • Keep fixtures and hardware updated.
  • Refurbish your kitchen cabinets and countertops.

All of these are small ways in which you can see your property bloom into a great long-term investment - that is likely to grow in value and yield profit in the long run. For this and more useful information on the home owning and buying journey, contact the experts at Hermanus Property Sales today. 


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