Going on holiday? What about your furry friends?

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Planning a getaway this festive season and keen on taking along your furry friends? Have you considered the nitty-gritty that comes along with going on holiday with your best friend? Here are a few tips to take into account before you pack your suitcases.

Research is key - along with finding out everything about your holiday destination, also make inquiries about how pet friendly the area is. Does the hotel offer pet-friendly accommodation? Are there pet policies at the attractions you will be visiting? What about pet-friendly restaurants? If your holiday involves leaving the country, take note that along with your passport some countries may require one for your pet. In some cases, health certificates and/or vaccinations may also be needed. Travel insurance is also a great option in the event that your pet gets sick as a result of different surrounding.

Here is a list of items you may want to take along with you for your pets:
- Leash
- Seat or crate/kennel
- Water and bowl
- Treats
- A toy
- Blanket/dog bed
- Waste bags
- Medication
- First aid kit
- Your pet's medical records
- Health certificate
- Grooming supplies

Flying with pets
If you decide to fly along with your pets, ensure that you use a pet-friendly airline. Several airlines do allow small pets to travel with their owners in the passenger cabin as long as the pet carrier meets the weight requirements. For bigger pets, some airlines allow passengers to stow them in the cargo hold. This can, however, be a stressful process for your pets. The best bet is to discuss this process in depth with your airline or travel agency when booking your tickets.

Travelling by car
Days before going on your trip take your cat or dog on short drives to familiarize them with this concept. Get a safe and secure well-ventilated crate or carrier large enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down and turn around in. Feed your pet a light meal three to four hours prior to departure and avoid feeding them in a moving vehicle - even if it is a long drive. Remember, dogs are much like humans and need to stretch their legs and relieve themselves so plan regular stops on the way.

When making a stop avoid leaving your pet alone in a parked vehicle. Think about it - on a hot day, even with the windows open, a parked vehicle can instantly become a furnace, leaving your furry friend with a heat stroke or worse. Also, in cold weather, the vehicle acts as a refrigeratorĀ holding in the cold and causing your pet to freeze to death.

Ensure that your pet has a microchip. In the event that your pet runs away or gets lost the microchip can assist with identification. Also, put a collar on your pet with a tag imprinted with your contact details.

However, if you decide to go on holiday without your pets, make sure you take the necessary steps needed to ensure their safety and health are not jeopardized. Some great options include:
- Make use of a pet sitter.
- Get one of your family members or friends to take care of your pet while you are away.
- Buy enough food for the duration of your trip to avoid the pet sitter or family member buying the wrong supplies.
- Book your furry friend into a pet hotel.

Once you and your furry friend return from your holidays it would be great to go to a home you love. Contact Hermanus Property Sales today if you and your pets are in the market for a home.

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